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Ron MacLean continues to make things incredibly awkward

Published March 24, 2024 at 9:03

For years, Ron MacLean has been a fixture on Hockey Night in Canada among other things on Canadian television, although, after Coaches Corner went off air in 2019, he's become more and more out of touch with the game. So much so, that fans have been calling for his departure from hockey T.V

Last night, MacLean continues to show that he's not only very awkward while interviewing current players, but he's out of touch with them as it stand ls as well; take a look.

This was the most Ron MacLean thing I've ever witnessed.

While interviewing Toronto Maple Leafs forward Bobby McMann, he goes off on a tangent about former New York Rangers general manager Glen Sather's mom's dress shop because they're from the same town in Alberta. MacLean then proceeds to ask McMann if he knows the history of his hometown after already speaking about Sather's mom, there's a long pause from everybody on the studio and McMann on the other end before McMann says he doesn't know the history and they skip past it.

MacLean: You're too young, you can't know this Bobby but Glen Sather's mom had a shop in Wainwright it was a dress...

McMann: No... no I don't know that history,

From that point on though, the interview is incredibly awkward for everyone involved.

It just shows how out of touch he is with the game today, the game continues to pass him by and it makes for cringe inducing television, especially in the national spotlight.
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Ron MacLean continues to make things incredibly awkward

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