Ryan Reaves eye injury
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Ryan Reaves leaves game after fight, real reason revealed

Published March 19, 2024 at 8:43 PM

Earlier tonight Ryan Reaves of the Toronto Maple Leafs took on Nick Deslauriers of the Philadelphia Flyers and appeared to get beaten clean, something that doesn't happen a lot for one of the toughest players in the game today, soon after, Reaves would leave the game and head to the Leafs locker room. He has not returned.

Now, it appears Deslauriers May have caused Reaves' most recent injury with an eye poke, something you obviously don't see a lot in a hockey fight, nonetheless, it happened; take a look.

Ryan Reaves' right eye looks to be swolen shut. Nails


It looks like the eye poke is accidental, but in any case, it definitely calls into question whether Deslauriers win for the heavyweight belt should count.

The game between the Flyers and Leafs is nearing the end of the second period and Reaves still has not returned.

Reaves had a rocky start to his Leafs tenure for sure, but has been a rather pleasant surprise as of late making this a bigger loss than you'd think, especially right before the playoffs.
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Ryan Reaves leaves game after fight, real reason revealed

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