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Sheldon Keefe rips into the Maple Leafs players after game 7 loss

Published May 5, 2024 at 8:16

With the Toronto Maple Leafs being eliminated from the playoffs last night after losing game 7 of their first round playoff series against the Boston Bruins, we know that changes are coming for the Maple Leafs as previously stated and head coach Sheldon Keefe is likely out the door as well.

After the loss, Keefe spoke to the media post game and he didn't hold back when speaking about why the Leafs lost this series - his answer might surprise you just a little bit; take a look.

Sheldon Keefe: "When teams play the Leafs, they set up the game for the Leafs to beat themselves"

Although it was a very close series from start to finish, Keefe is right, year after year they find a way to beat themselves. There was definitely plenty of chances for the Leafs to win this game and instead, they choked like they always do.

One thing is certain now, changes are coming to the Leafs this off-season and the speculation will begin shortly and Keefe knows, you can tell, especially by those comments that this is likely his last time in front of the media as Toronto's coach.

After the dust settlers, general manager Brad Treliving has a lot of work to do to try and right the ship in Toronto.
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Sheldon Keefe rips into the Maple Leafs players after game 7 loss

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