Crosby gets emotional
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Sidney Crosby gets emotional during on air interview

Published February 26, 2024 at 7:51

For the most part, Pittsburgh Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby is known as one of the calmest and coolest individuals in the NHL. The veteran player usually keeps a straight face and very rarely shows any sort of emotion. Crosby is known for giving the "hockey" answer, which is usually filled with cliches and other tropes.

After yesterday's broadcast of the game between the Philadelphia Flyers in Pittsburgh Penguins, Crosby joined the crew of TNT for a post game interview. On the panel were your usual suspects and former Penguin's Head Coach, Tony Granato. Granato was on the broadcast to share details of his recent cancer diagnosis.

While speaking with each other it was clear Crosby was overcome with emotion, clearly showing a visible change in his demeanour. Due to his familiarity with Crosby, Granato suggested that after the win, that Crosby take a second and enjoy the win.

We've been discussing all along, how important and how well you represent the game. And as always, after a tough game like this, take a few minutes, be smiling and wear your Penguins cap with pride. Thanks for being Sid.

As Crosby replied it was clear the emotions were getting to him as his voice clearly cracks. Granato has been an incredible ambassador to the game and it's clear his mentorship and friendship means a lot to Crosby. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Granato as he continues his battle against cancer.
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Sidney Crosby gets emotional during on air interview

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