Pittsburgh Penguins President of Hockey Operations and General Manager Kyle Dubas Speaks at a news conference
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Sidney Crosby throws Kyle Dubas under the bus

Published March 10, 2024 at 1:29 PM

The term honeymoon period refers to the feeling of euphoria, which typically marks the earliest days of a relationship when laughter, lust and attraction are highest. When the Pittsburgh Penguins hired Kyle Dubas, some believed it was a match made in heaven. Well, nine months into his tenure as President of Hockey Operations and General Manager, it appears that the fairy tale may be coming to an end, or at least the Penguins' main character feels confused if you take what he said at face value.

After Dubas sent Jake Guentzel to the Carolina Hurricanes for a package that included Michael Bunting, Crosby was asked about what kind of message sending his former teammate and close friend to another team meant; Crosby responded in kind, take a look.

Many believe that Sid could request a trade out of Pittsburgh after happened at the deadline, as they believe he feels that Dubas doesn't have a clear directive as to how to improve the franchise, while others believe that Crosby is the type of individual who is loyal enough to stick it out and see what happens, especially with the understanding he is arguably the top three players in Penguins history and he is not the type of player to say or do something to tarnish his image.

No matter what the fans feel about the situation and Crosby himself, it comes to a point where feeling bad for the guy should be the only feeling shared as he has bled, sweat and cried (in only good ways before we take it out of context) for the franchise and helped take them from a perennial laughingstock. Sidney Crosby owes nothing to anyone, and we should all be grateful that he has been part of the league for as long as he has. Hopefully, for the sake of the Pittsburgh faithful and the National Hockey League, when the day comes that he decides to retire, he does so wearing the Penguin on his chest one last time.
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Sidney Crosby throws Kyle Dubas under the bus

Will Sidney Crosby ask for a trade?

No, he loves Pittsburgh55936.8 %
He might, but it's not official44829.5 %
Yes, he won't want to watch Dubas rebuild51133.7 %
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