Stick swing by Tom Wilson
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Tom Wilson given 4 minutes for dangerous high stick, suspension incoming?

Published March 21, 2024 at 7:56

Last night, The Toronto Maple Leafs blew out the Washington Capitals by a score of 7-3, the game wasn't without its heated moments though as the two teams would often come together after whistles while also throwing their bodies around rather consistently.

In the back half of the third period, Capitals forward Tom Wilson was sent to the box for 4 minutes for what was called high-sticking on the play, but, in reality, Wilson didn't like that he was hit, reacted and swung his stick intentionally at the face of Maple Leafs forward, Noah Gregor; take a look.

Tom Wilson with the mother of all high sticks 😳

Tom Wilson is assessed a double-minor after this high-stick on Noah Gregor.

I don't know how this is called a high-stick by the officials in the first place, this is quite clearly an intentional swing after Wilson didn't like being hit. Zero hockey related motion at all.

This reminds me of Trouba's stick swing on Frederic earlier this year. Granted that only earned him a 5K fine, but still, the punishment although much less than what he should've gotten was there.

At the very least, the Department of Player Safety should review this play. That is an egregious, intentional stick swing that was intended to make contact with Gregory's face, not a high stick.
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Tom Wilson given 4 minutes for dangerous high stick, suspension incoming?

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