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Utah's new hire was once under scrutiny by NHLPA for representing GM

Published May 16, 2024 at 8:09

All signs point to Chris Armstrong of the Wasserman Agency, who actions were once reviewed by the NHLPA, being named to a very high level position with Utah HC

Several insiders are reporting that the NHL's newest owner, Ryan Smith with Utah HC, is making a high-profile hire in Chris Armstrong of the Wasserman Agency. Armstrong may be a familiar name to some, especially if they followed the story of Kyle Dubas leaving the Toronto Maple Leafs last year.

Several reports say Armstrong already has an agreement with Smith, and an announcement will be coming soon. While his position hasn't been named, it sounds like a President or Vice-President of Hockey Operations, with the team's GM answering to him.

"As reported below, sources confirm Chris Armstrong will leave sports agency Wasserman at the end of the month and formally join Utah NHL franchise in the top hockey job. The official job title still TBD. Armstrong, who negotiated Kyle Dubas' GM contract in Pittsburgh, will work closely with GM Bill Armstrong."

Armstrong also represented Dubas during his time in Toronto. When Dubas left after the Toronto Maple Leafs were eliminated from the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the NHLPA launched a review. Wasserman also represents Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews.

"'This is clearly prohibited under the regulations,' one long-time agent said on Thursday, requesting anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on behalf of his firm. 'It is an unwritten, understood and longstanding practice that your guy down the hall doesn't work for the other side. I'd like the NHLPA to launch an investigation and draw their own conclusion.'" - Daily Faceoff - NHLPA reviewing Kyle Dubas' relationship with agent for potential conflict of interest

It's not clear right now whether the investigation was concluded, and what, if any, findings were made. Armstrong is, or was, predominantly a golf agent, and did not represent any NHL players. His agency, however, is quite prominent among NHLers and represents some big names. Whether any of this will come back to haunt Smith for his decision remains to be seen.
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Utah's new hire was once under scrutiny by NHLPA for representing GM

Should Utah be able to hire Chris Armstrong after the NHLPA reviewed his relationship with Kyle Dubas?

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No2526.3 %
Depends on what may have been found3233.7 %
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