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Vancouver Canucks already looking to flip Elias Lindholm

Published March 5, 2024 at 5:28 PM

When the Vancouver Canucks acquired Elias Lindholm before the NHL All-Star break, it felt like a perfect fit. Fast forward just a month and it now appears that Lindholm may already be on his way out of Vancouver. Today, reports surfaced from NHL insider Chris Johnston that the Canucks are looking to get extremely creative.

In 14 games with the Canucks Lindholm has just four goals and two assists but hasn't been a real fit in the lineup. Now. Reports surface that the Canucks are looking to acquire Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jake Guentzel. It has been reported that Pittsburgh is interested in quality of prospects and players over quantity. This makes the Canucks and Penguins unnatural trade partners.

That is where the Boston Bruins enter the conversation. Before lindholm was traded to Vancouver, he was heavily rumored to be heading to Boston. Now it appears the trade to Boston could be back on the table.

With the #canucks    believed to be among those pursuing Jake Guentzel, word is they've had discussions about potentially flipping Elias Lindholm to the #bruins as part of the machinations to make it happen.

Nothing concrete in place at this time. Still lots of moving parts.

It's clear that the Canucks are in a win now mentality and are willing to do anything and everything to make that a possibility. It will be interesting to see as the hours tick down towards the trade deadline if something can be worked out between the Canucks and Penguins and the Canucks and Bruins, but clearly there are a lot of moving parts.
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Vancouver Canucks already looking to flip Elias Lindholm

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