Athlete who disrespected Aaron Ekblad shows up to Game 4 wearing his jersey

Published June 10, 2023 at 9:01 PM

Earlier this season during a Florida Panthers game, professional golfer Brooks Koepka was in attendance. After a difficult play Koepka was seen holding up a traffic cone insulting Panthers defender Aaron Ekblad. After the game Ekblad shared he didn't know Koepka and didn't appreciate the gesture.

It appears that two have managed to patch things up because tonight before Game 4, Koepka was in attendance. This time without the traffic cone. Instead Koepka was banging the Panthers drum during pregame warm up. While hyping up the crowd Koepka was wearing an Ekblad jersey.

It appears the two parties have either made amends or Koepka is looking to extend an olive branch.
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