Chicago Blackhawks acquire 20th overall pick in 2023 draft

Published April 30, 2023 at 2:19 PM

The playoffs are in full swing, with 5 series already over and 2 more ending today teams the offseason is beginning to take shape. When the Toronto Maple Leafs eliminated the Tampa Bay Lightning in 6 games it officially marked the transfer of the Lightnings 1st round pick to the Chicago Blackhawks.

At last year's trade deadline the Tampa Bay Lightning officially acquired Brandon Hagel in exchange for a massive haul of draft picks. The two 1st round picks were both lottery protected, but with last night's loss the Blackhawks officially know which pick they'll receive.

#Blackhawks    get the 20th OA pick from the Brandon Hagel trade since Tampa lost to Toronto in the 1st round. #2023NHLDraft

This pick could move up into the 19th spot if the Florida Panthers are able to make it to the Conference Finals. This pick could go a very long way in helping the Blackhawks kick starting their rebuild. This will give the Hawks a top 5 pick and the 19th/20th overall picks.
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Chicago Blackhawks acquire 20th overall pick in 2023 draft

How long will the Blackhawks rebuild take?

3 Years3720.8 %
4 Years4424.7 %
5 Years3620.2 %
Longer than 5 years6134.3 %
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