Edmonton Oilers fans find LA Kings fan who admitted to spitting on cancer patient and she pays the price

Published April 26, 2023 at 2:56 PM

Yesterday, Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane took to his Instagram to speak out against the treatment of an Edmonton Oilers super fan. The Oilers had brought young Cecily on a trip of a lifetime to watch her favorite team play in Los Angeles against the Kings. However, that trip quickly turned to a nightmare after she was harassed by Kings fans.

"My dear friend @simply_cecily_rose got to go an amazing trip to LA last week that created some incredibly fun memories. But some of her experience in LA specifically at Game 3 of the game was not. I'm disgusted and appalled at what happened to this amazing little girl in the stands and in a women's restroom where she was harassed for wearing her jersey and was spit on by a LA fan for doing so. This type of behavior is gross and completely unacceptable. For any young girl especially battling cancer to be treated in such a manner is pathetic. Grow up and as this smart young lady always says BE KIND." Kane said in an Instagram story.

The audacity that it would take to spit or harass a child is one thing. But one fan took things even further deciding to direct message Kane and admitting to spitting on a child was a completely different choice.

Maybe you should be kind and not such a f***in scumbag. we Kings fans literally hate you. You make us spit on kids for being a dirty mother f***er. Listen to your own words and be kind. You f***in scum bag.

Well as the old saying goes "f*** around and find out." Well for "Chris" she is now at the find out portion of our program. After Oilers fans quickly located her account online, they then quickly located her employer after mere minutes.

One Oilers fans reached out to the employer today for an update.

She does not work here anymore. She actually did get...she quit.

It's clear that the business has likely received multiple calls, but hopefully Chrissy learns from this very valuable lesson. But for anyone wondering, it's not okay to spit on fans of another team and it's even less okay to spit on a child. This feels like a very valuable lesson.
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Edmonton Oilers fans find LA Kings fan who admitted to spitting on cancer patient and she pays the price

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