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Toronto Maple Leafs interested in top defender in possible William Nylander trade

Published June 2, 2023 at 10:10 PM

Despite reports that the Toronto Maple Leafs plan on keeping the Core Four together, there are conflicting reports that what the team is saying isn't exactly what they plan on doing. With new General Manager Brad Treliving in place, there is some thought that the team could be using the media to their advantage in a potential deal.

One team who is expected to have interest in a member of the Leafs is the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings reportedly have a ton of interest in William Nylander, who would fit well into their Swedish core. But if the Leafs were to move Nylander they'd be looking at a significant return.

It is believed that William Nylander is the most likely of the Leafs to be traded and Khan reports if the Red Wings want him, the Leafs will be asking for Moritz Seider.

The report also went onto state the Leafs could instead ask for the 9th in place of Seider. It's hard to believe the Wings would move Seider, but these two teams could definitely be great trade partners this summer.
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