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Trevor Zegras destroys expensive piece of equipment during tantrum

Published March 29, 2024 at 8:57

Trevor Zegras has already developed a reputation around the NHL among the players. Zegras is already viewed by other players as the most overrated player in the league and he's also known as an easy target. Despite being an incredibly talented player Zegras can also be overly emotional as well.

During last night's game against the Seattle Kraken, Zegras' temper once again reared its ugly head. After colliding with Brandon Tanev on the ice Zegras reacted by delivering a stiff cross check to the back. The referee on the play felt the play was so egregious that Zegras was given 4-minutes on the play.

Brandon Tanev slams Trevor Zegras to the ice and Zegras responds with a cross-check to the back.

Zegras gets 4 minutes for cross-checking. No penalty to Tanev.

Zegras was extremely unhappy with the penalty and allowed that emotion to roll over into the penalty box. While sitting in the box another camera caught a furious Zegras destroying the expensive penalty box camera after a power play goal.

Video of Trevor Zegras breaking the Roots camera - he should get fined for this behavior (idk if that's a thing full disclosure just my opinion)


After another tough season the odds of the Ducks moving on from Zegras appear to be increasing.
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Trevor Zegras destroys expensive piece of equipment during tantrum

Will Trevor Zegras return to the Anaheim Ducks next season?

Yes, he will3413.6 %
No, he'll be traded17369.2 %
Only time will tell4317.2 %
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