Arizona Coyotes get Taken to Task by Insider for Fan Poll

Published May 18, 2023 at 6:13 PM

There have been many unkind words for the Arizona Coyotes over the past fews days from analaysts and fans of the NHL, and you sometimes have to wonder if the team really gets it at all. The Coyotes has been ripped apart on Twitter by Insider Frank Seravalli after asking fans where they should build an arena.

Seravalli made it clear the whole thing seems cheap and ugly for a team playing in one of the top leagues in the world.

"Is this an NHL franchise or a local Jr. B team? It is utterly mind blowing that this is a thing. The correct answer is, of course, a municipality that actually wants to have the Yotes - after two have said no."

Frank has a Point

Whatever you think of Seravalli as an insider, it's tough not to see his point on this one. The Coyotes were effectively booted from an arena in Glendale for an unpaid tax bill. After moving to a 5000 seat arena in Tempe, the team's proposal to build a new 16,000 seat stadium was given a thumbs down by those who voted in a recent plebiscite. Now, the team is publicly asking its fans where the Coyotes should play. It makes it look like they have no plan at all, which is likely accurate. It's also interesting to note that all four locations asked about in the poll are in Arizona. Moving to a place like Houston, Sacramento, or Salt Like City seems just as likely right now.
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Arizona Coyotes get Taken to Task by Insider for Fan Poll

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