Alex Meruelo takes questions from the media with Gary Bettman
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Alex Meruelo gets frustrated when asked about season ticket refunds

Published April 19, 2024 at 5:32 PM

Alex Meruelo, the now former owner of the Arizona Coyotes, became frustrated during a news conference today when he was asked about refunds for season ticket holders.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and Alex Meruelo, now the former owner of the Arizona Coyotes hockey team, took some questions from members of the media today after what has been a whirlwind month or so. Meruelo had a few interesting, and combative things to say, including this nugget when asked about refunds for season tickets holders. Meruelo seemed to become defensive about the issue, while Bettman did his best not to react.

"We'll look at it an address it immediately. Just, let me, give me a chance to breath a little bit. Just, it's been very, like Gary said, it's been very overwhelming."

Meruelo was also asked about unpaid bills to the city of Glendale that got the team booted from an arena there, as well as rumours that players weren't having their hotel rooms paid for. Meruelo insisted there are no unpaid bills.

"I'm not aware of any unpaid bills. I'll tell you, I've been in business 40 years...you wouldn't be around if you had unpaid bills."

Meruelo retains the rights to a team in Arizona for at least the next five years, provided a new arena can be built. He stated he is 100 percent ready to bring hockey back to the desert.

"Absolutely I can do it again. Now I really know how things work."

Meruelo also took the opportunity to apologize to fans of the Arizona Coyotes.

"The most painful decision in my life and my 40 years of business. My family and I are devastated and we share in your disappointment and heartbreak.»

I'm sorry things got to this point and I take full responsibility for my decisions."

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Alex Meruelo gets frustrated when asked about season ticket refunds

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