Coyotes President & CEO Xavier A. Gutierrez, Alex Meruelo Jr. and Bill Armstrong
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Son of Coyotes owner given jobs he was reportedly unqualified for

Published April 18, 2024 at 9:41

Alex Meruelo Jr., son of Arizona Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo, was reportedly given a number of jobs with the team that he wasn't qualified for, including social media.

The Arizona Coyotes played what was likely their last ever game last night, defeating the Edmonton Oilers 5-2. The team will move to Salt Lake City, Utah for next season, a relocation that seemed like it was a long time coming. Now, with the Coyotes officially gone, there are reports nepotism ran wild at the team's head office.

Makayla Perkins, who works in social media for several sports outlets, pointed out a post on X made by the Arizona Coyotes social media account that was quickly deleted. The message, following the team's final game, was "see you all next on June 27th," which is the date of the land auction that owner Alex Meruelo is hoping will lead to a new arena for the return of the Coyotes to Arizona.

"I've tried to keep my thoughts on the Coyotes social media to myself but

This is just atrocious. Unacceptable social media management."

It didn't end there. Someone asked Perkins about a rumour that the team's social media account was being run by the owner's son, Alex Meruelo Jr. Perkins confirmed that it was.

On top of that, Perkins noted that Meruelo Jr. was given a number of roles with the team that he wasn't equipped to handle.

"He was assigned many roles he was not qualified for ESPECIALLY social media management."

Perhaps the icing on this cake is that Alex Meruelo didn't even show up last night for what very might be the last NHL game to take place in Arizona.

"Alex Meruelo Doesn't even show up for the final game, scumbag move, he is making a billion dollars off the sale of the team, no freaking way should the NHL give him an expansion team in the future in Arizona."

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Son of Coyotes owner given jobs he was reportedly unqualified for

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