Body cam footage of Valeri Nichushkin incident doesn't look good as Colorado Avalanche appear to have covered things up

Published June 2, 2023 at 10:50

It's unlikely that we will ever have all the answers for what occurred in Valeri Nichushkin's hotel room in Seattle. However the recent release of new body cam footage shows the extent that Colorado Avalanche security went to protect Nichushkin.

As police arrive to the hotel an ambulance is visible, inside the ambulance is the alleged victim who reportedly was highly intoxicated. At that point police turn their attention to the Colorado Avalanche staff, and that's where things take a turn.

In the video staff can be heard telling police Nichushkin is no longer in the building and left with other members of the team's security team. The officers also address why it took team staff over 30 minutes from the report of the incident to call for medical staff.

During the investigation team staff share that they moved the victim from the room to the lobby, presumably to clean up the room and remove any items they didn't want police to find. During the clip Nichushkin is accused by the woman of stealing her passport and refusing to let her go.

At the very end of the clip a member of the Avalanche asks police if he can share something confidential with an officer, that's when the video cuts off.

Police Bodycam footage of the Val Nichushkin incident in Seattle. Don't wanna jump to conclusions but this doesn't look good for the Avalanche forward:

However you slice it, this video does not look good for the Avalanche or Nichushkin.
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