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Colorado Avalanche file review on behalf of Nathan MacKinnon

Published March 29, 2024 at 4:45 PM

Last night the New York Rangers faced off against the Colorado Avalanche. This game, a possible Stanley Cup preview was must watch hockey that was filled with action for the entire game. One of the narratives involved was Nathan MacKinnon's home point streak, which sat at 35 consecutive games.

Unfortunately for MacKinnon the streak would end at 35 games and his Avalanche would fall to the Rangers 3-2 in a shootout. However, midway through the 3rd period it had seemed like MacKinnon would be credited with an assist on a Devon Toews goal. The referees unfortunately viewed the play different and felt the Rangers had instead scored on their own goal.

This is where the MacKinnon point streak is believed to have continued.

But after review they call it an own goal by the Rangers and take away the 🍎

What do you thinkwas that the right call?

The call of an own goal immediately negates any additional assists that may have been awarded initially. And as you can see from the video, it is clear that the puck is shot into the own net by the Rangers defender. This shows a clear change of possession and represents a horrible way for the point streak to end.

Like every other team, the Avalanche had the opportunity to appeal to the NHL to try to have an assist awarded on the play.

Teams can ask the NHL's hockey ops to review any scoring decisions.

The #Avs did ask for them to look at the Devon Toews goal, for obvious reasons, I'm told. They don't expect a change, but it certainly can't hurt to ask.

It seems as of now that the NHL will not be awarding any additional assists and that MacKinnon's streak we'll have to start all over again. While this is an unlucky way for the streak to end, it does appear to be the right call.

Update: It's officially over

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Colorado Avalanche file review on behalf of Nathan MacKinnon

Do you think Nathan MacKinnon should receive an assist on this goal?

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