Corey Perry of the Edmonton Oilers
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NBC Insider Reveals the Details on Why Corey Perry's Contract Was Terminated by the Blackhawks

Published January 23, 2024 at 9:40 PM

It seems the full details have finally come out. A former NHLer and broadcaster for NBC Sports Chicago has revealed what he knows about why Corey Perry was terminated by the Chicago Blackhawks.

After signing a two-year deal with Chicago for this season and next, Perry's contract was terminated by the Blackhawks in late November of 2023. At the time, the team released no details on what had led that that decision. A few days later, it came out that there had been an incident involving Perry and a female team staff member, and that's where we stood until now.

Former NHLer John Scott, who started with NBC Sports Chicago in September of last year, said on his Dropping the Gloves podcast that Perry made advances towards a Blackhawks staff member who also worked for NBC Chicago Sports.

"Corey Perry was a model citizen in the NHL for, like, 18 years. He made a mistake in Columbus one night, he drank too much and he made a pass at a staff member who worked at NBC. And then Chicago, in the environment that they live in now, if there's any hint of anything like that, they just get rid of everything."

The "environment" Scott is referring to deal with the off-ice troubles the Blackhawks have had to deal with over the past few years, including multiple lawsuits. Scott said he truly believes Perry would have been fine if he had been signed to any other NHL team.

"If this is any other team, he's still on the team, still with them. And they just kind of maybe have a little slap on the wrist, and maybe a minor fine or suspension."

There's likely to be plenty of debate online now over whether Perry deserved to be dropped from his contract the way he was. Perry entered the NHL/NHLPA Players Assistance program, and was released before recently signing with the Edmonton Oilers.
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NBC Insider Reveals the Details on Why Corey Perry's Contract Was Terminated by the Blackhawks

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