Nashville's GM Rips Tyson Barrie for his Response to Being a Healthy Scratch

Published December 6, 2023 at 10:36

Nashville Predators GM Barry Trotz isn't happy with the way one of his veterans handled being made a healthy scratch, and he is not holding back with his response.

Last Saturday, defenceman Tyson Barrie was made a healthy scratch for a game against the New York Rangers. Barrie's response to sitting in the press box was to ask for a trade. Trotz said the team is complying with that request, but he's not happy with how it came about.

"Different players react to it differently. I didn't like the way he reacted to it."

Trotz said several times during the interview that he was "very disappointed" with how Barrie responded, and with the fact that it got out to the media.

"We were very disappointed it got out, because there's only about four people in the world that knew about it. I was very disappointed in that. It didn't come from the Preds, I do know that 100 percent."

"Obviously, someone felt that [the story] should be out there and they put it out there. We will get on the phones and say ‘Tyson's not happy in his situation right now, are there any takers?' There might be, might not. And I'm sure him and his agent will be doing the same thing."

Trotz said the decision to scratch Barrie was completely based on his play this season, adding Barrie is having a tough time fitting in under the new system from head coach Andrew Brunette.
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Nashville's GM Rips Tyson Barrie for his Response to Being a Healthy Scratch

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