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Lou Lamoriello places player on trade block, proves he still doesn't get it

Published March 6, 2024 at 8:59

Lou Lamoriello is one of the most respected men in NHL history. He is one of the most decorated General Managers and has seen the game grow over decades. Unfortunately, the success he once knew has eluded him for nearly 20 years.

Over his career, Lou has won three Stanley Cups and has been named General Manager of the Year twice. It's that winning reputation that has kept him employed despite his lack of success since winning the Cup on 2002/03.

Lou has continued to implement his outdated traditions forcing players to do things like shave all facial hair and only allowing them to wear low numbers. The brand of hockey that he understands which was once successful is no longer the case.

Over the years Lamoriello has begun to overvalue veteran talent and in return move on from younger players without giving them an opportunity. That appears to once again be the case as the Islanders are rumored to be interested in moving former 11th overall pick Oliver Wahlstrom.

In 31 games this season Wahlstrom only has two goals and four assists. This will only receiving approximately 10 minutes of ice time per night. In the case of Wahlstrom this appears to be another incident where a player in the New York islander system wasn't set up for success and is being moved on from far too soon.

According to reports, New York would like a controllable scorer in return. But in a time when the team should be getting younger, it appears once again that the aging general manager is focused on all of the wrong things. The islander is currently sit four points out of a playoff spot and are rumored to be buyers once again at this deadline.
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Lou Lamoriello places player on trade block, proves he still doesn't get it

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