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John Tortorella goes off on reporter who made up rumor about Kevin Hayes

Published January 11, 2024 at 7:14

John Tortorella is a lot of things and admittedly he's not for everyone. He's not the type of coach that every player wants to play for. He's an acquired taste at best for many across the NHL. One thing is for sure though, Torts is the type of guy who will always say and do the right thing.

After the Philadelphia Flyers traded away top prospect Cutter Gauthier, a rumor began to circulate that former Flyer Kevin Hayes, who had developed a relationship with Gauthier, was behind things. That rumor was started by Philadelphia beat reporter Anthony San Filippo.

Since these allegations were made, Kevin Hayes has spoken out and shot down this information. Tonight after the Philadelphia Flyers game, Tortorella took to the podium for his regular post game media availability. Before things even began, Torts unprompted called out San Filippo.

Are you kidding me? You think Kevin Hayes is going to do something like that? That's Bullshit.

This is just another great example of why Tortorella is such a media darling. He's not afraid to give a sound byte or stand up for what is right. Whether you agree with his coaching style it's hard to argue that Torts isn't in the right side of most things.
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John Tortorella goes off on reporter who made up rumor about Kevin Hayes

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