Ticket prices for Sidney Crosby's homecoming game reach ridiculous level

Published October 2, 2023 at 3:56 PM

Future Hall of Famer Sidney Crosby is returning to his home province for a preseason game on Monday night against the Ottawa Senators in Halifax.

Once tickets went on sale, they were gone very quickly as fans of Crosby, the Penguins and the Ottawa Senators wanted to get an up close look and see their favourite team and players in action.

As with every sporting event and even concerts, a lot of people buy tickets and try to use it as an investment and re-sell them on sites Ticketmaster and StubHub for ridiculous prices. That was the case for Sidney Crosby's homecoming game on Monday.

Willy Palov, a sports reporter out of Halifax, shared an image on his X account on Monday afternoon, which highlighted how crazy things have gotten in terms of ticket prices from re-sellers. Three tickets in the image were going for the following prices (in Canadian dollars): $9,741, $13,148 and $13,629.

While it's not every day that Sidney Crosby comes to town to play in an NHL game, it's a preseason contest that doesn't even count in the standings. Sites like Ticketmaster and StubHub, among others, need to place a cap on how much re-seller can price their tickets for.

When tickets initially went on sale, it started at $70 and went up to $200. By re-selling tickets for the prices shown in the image below, you're isolating nearly everyone, as not many people have that much money laying around to spend, especially on tickets to a preseason game.

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Ticket prices for Sidney Crosby's homecoming game reach ridiculous level

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