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Camera captures hilarious video of Auston Matthews before he's ejected

Published April 1, 2024 at 7:35

Toronto Maple Leafs superstar Auston Matthews has scored his league leading 60th goal of the season during Toronto's 3-0 win against the Buffalo Sabres. The American has been cleaning up in Toronto his whole career, offsetting defensive mistakes the team makes with goals scored.

Matthews took this clean up job literally on Saturday night, by tiding up the mess of sticks and gloves that were left on the ice from the full-blown line brawl that occurred moments before.

With less than a minute remaining, Toronto defenceman T.J, Brodie was shoved into the boards from behind by Sabres defenceman Rasmus Dahlin. Buffalo winger Alex Tuch was the next player to get involved which led to all players who were on the ice getting into the rough stuff.

The 26 year old, had a record night becoming just the ninth player in NHL history to have multiple 60-goal seasons. It might be more impressive that he is the only active player to complete this feat. The following superstars have only one 60 goal season to their name, Alex Ovechkin (65 goals in 2007-08), Connor McDavid (64 in 2022-23), David Pastrnak (61 in 2022-23) and Steven Stamkos. (60 in 2011-12)

Matthews showed some class by helping the refs out in the moment while also speeding things up to end another successful evening on the ice.
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Camera captures hilarious video of Auston Matthews before he's ejected

Who has the most pressure to perform in the playoffs this year?

Mitch Marner1810 %
Auston Matthews8346.1 %
William Nylander95 %
Whoever is in net7038.9 %
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