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Ryan Hartman learns his fate after unsportsmanlike conduct

Published March 31, 2024 at 5:07 PM

On Saturday night Ryan Hartman let his emotions get the best of him. After a disappointing overtime loss, Hartman lost his cool over a blown call late in regulation. Unfortunately for Hartman, his latest tantrum is going to cost him games and money.

In the final minute of regulation during a goal mouth scramble Hartman is clipped by a high stick from Noah Hanifin. The clear penalty was somehow missed by the officials on the ice and sent the game into overtime 5 on 5, instead of with the Wild on a justified power play.

At the conclusion of the game Hartman, who was still hot let his better judgement get the better of him. Instead of just giving it to officials verbally, Hartman instead threw his stick in the direction of the officials, a no no, but NHL standards.

Today the Department of Player Safety announced the Hartman would in fact be held accountable for this infraction.

Minnesota's Ryan Hartman will have a hearing tomorrow for unsportsmanlike conduct for his actions during Saturday's game against Vegas.

In his career Hartman has been suspended three times, most recently in November of last year. Due to this, Hartman is considered a repeat offender and will likely treated as such.

Most interesting is the league is treating this as unsportsmanlike conduct and not 40.4 Category III abuse of official, which would have been an automatic 3-game suspension

It is interesting to note the league is not viewing this as a usual violation of the abuse official policy. Instead treating this as an unsportsmanlike contact penalty, this could allow the league to offer some lenience to Hartman. Treating this as unsportsmanlike conduct, however, it also gives the league the ability to go above the mandated 3 game punishment usually assigned to this penalty.
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Ryan Hartman learns his fate after unsportsmanlike conduct

How many games should Ryan Hartman be suspended for?

Zero, the refs are a joke3621.8 %
1-2 Games2917.6 %
The mandatory 3 games as per the rule6137 %
More than 3 games as a repeat offender3923.6 %
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