Morgan Rielly cross checks Ridly Greig
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Morgan Rielly and the Toronto Maple Leafs announce whether he plans on appealing his suspension

Published February 14, 2024 at 12:30

Yesterday afternoon the NHL's Department of Player Safety announced that they had reached the decision to suspend Morgan Rielly for 5 games. The decision stemmed from Rielly's intent of 'retribution' against Greig for his empty net slap shot goal. According to the league, Greig had no reason to expect this crosscheck, despite looking directly at Rielly when the shot was delivered.

With the announcement of the 5 game suspension, the Department of Player Safety removed the option for Rielly to appeal his suspension to an independent arbitrator. Instead, Rielly would be forced to appeal to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman instead. Many felt that Rielly and the Leafs might opt to not pursue this option, as it is unlikely that Bettman would ever consider undermining his own Player Safety Department.

However, today the Maple Leafs released the decision that Rielly would in fact be appealing.

Morgan Rielly will be filing an appeal to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman on his five-game suspension.

Over the last two seasons, the league has seen multiple suspensions appealed, which is a trend the league is somehow shocked by. But it appears that teams are starting to grow tired with George Parros and his inconsistent suspensions. Given the league's precedent it is unlikely the league will hear this case in a timely manner, but don't be surprised if this leads to an eventual change in Player Safety as Bettman begins to lose the faith of ownership groups.
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Morgan Rielly and the Toronto Maple Leafs announce whether he plans on appealing his suspension

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