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Fanatics Screws Up Again; NHL Fans Should be Nervous

Published February 14, 2024 at 10:35

During the off-season last year, it was announced that the NHL and Adidas will not be working together past this season. The NHL then signed a deal with Fanatics to make their retail and on-ice uniforms starting next year.

Well, the MLB season is right around the corner as well and has Fanatics making their retail and on-field Nike jerseys, and players aren't happy.

This is what the back of the white jerseys look like with the new template. Players are pretty unhappy. Miles Mikolas says they also don't fit right; pants are no longer as customized, and the fabric is a very different consistency.

‘They look cheap,' another player said.»

This tweet should concern NHL fans. The jerseys for next season are most likely to be cheap material just like the MLB ones. We may even see a logo or two come off if the quality is this bad like many people had happen to them when they bought sweaters off their site.

Unfortunately, it seems like no matter what is said or done about this, Fanatics will never change. They're practically a monopoly now and no one can kick them out.

The NHL's move to Fanatics was unwanted since the start, and this only makes it worse.
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Fanatics Screws Up Again; NHL Fans Should be Nervous

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