Fans turn on Canucks franchise after embarrassing community support surfaces

Published September 2, 2023 at 2:33 PM

It's been a very scary year in most parts of Canada with the wild fires burning. With fires continuing to rage on in British Columbia, the Vancouver Canucks have organized a fundraiser to help, but most fans aren't happy.

According to fan outcry on Twitter, organizing an auction for the wild fires and not actually making a donation themselves makes them look bad and it does; take a look.

While I firmly gave them the benefit of the doubt last week, I'm going to have to take that back & agree with @RJHenderson7. This isn't good enough. The Canucks aren't actually paying a cent here. They're asking YOU🫵 to pay/donate for things that are free to them. Disappointing

It's one of those things that looks sincere on paper but actually has zero substance behind it lol

I disagree here to an extent, having a sports organization of the Canucks stature stepping up to the plate and organizing an auction will raise a lot of money and that's a good thing.

I do however agree that the Canucks organization can do a little bit more than they are, but any way to help raise money for the wild fires is a good thing.

Whatever you think, it does seem like fans are turning on the organization for not making a donation of their own money and to be honest, fans are right to be rubbed the wrong way.
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Fans turn on Canucks franchise after embarrassing community support surfaces

Do you think the Canucks are doing enough?

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No2541.7 %
They could make a donation2440 %
An auction is enough35 %
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