Hockey league making face masks mandatory

Published September 2, 2023 at 9:50

Until this point in Junior A hockey in Canada, players have had the ability to wear half visors, which has been standard in professional hockey. With new information on the effects of traumatic head injuries and the damage they can cause, most hockey leagues around the world have increased safety measures accordingly.

A few seasons ago, the NHL introduced a mandatory visor policy, but allowed grandfathered players to continue without a visor. Now, Junior A hockey leagues in Canada are following suit, mandating a full visor for each player, with grandfathered exceptions for players who had already played with half visors.

This mandate has seen success in Junior B and C leagues across Canada, and now is naturally extending to Junior A. Although some have concerns about injury from full-shielded players colliding with half-shielded players, the increased safety measure has been a success to this point.

The face shield mandate will come into effect this upcoming season, and taking into account the grandfathered clause, all Junior A players will wear a full face shield by 2025.

Source: CTV
September 2   |   20 answers
Hockey league making face masks mandatory

Should players be required to wear full face shields?

Yes, it keeps them safe735 %
No, stop making the game so soft1260 %
It really depends15 %
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