Ryan Reaves drops the gloves with Matt Rempe
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Ryan Reaves comments on dropping the gloves with Matt Rempe

Published March 4, 2024 at 1:28 PM

It was one of the most anticipated fights of the NHL season. After making his NHL debut against the New York Islanders, many immediately began to look ahead at the Rangers' schedule. After debuting against Matt Martin, many immediately began to think about the heavyweight tilts around the corner for Matt Rempe.

Less than 2 weeks into his career the rookie has already dropped the gloves five times. One of the matchups fans immediately circled was a potential matchup against Ryan Reaves. Saturday night, fans were treated to that matchup.

Fans were thoroughly entertained when the pair dropped the gloves at center ice. Just days later now Reaves spoke about the fight and how he felt. According to Reaves himself, he was so amped up from the fight. He couldn't fall asleep until 6:30 Sunday morning.

Ryan Reaves says he didn't fall asleep till 6:30 am after fighting Matt Rempe. Figures he's the longest opponent he's ever fought. «He's going to be a menace in this league.»

Of all the enforcers in the league. A compliment like this from somebody like Ryan Reaves is an incredible testament to the rookie's size and strengths. Over the years. Reaves has fought any and every challenger, so for him to issue this sort of praise for Rempe shows just how impressive this rookie really is.

Only time will tell just how good he can be. But one thing is for certain he absolutely needs to learn a little bit of defense.
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Ryan Reaves comments on dropping the gloves with Matt Rempe

Who won the fight?

Ryan Reaves28344.4 %
Matt Rempe10316.1 %
Draw25239.5 %
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