Brandon Tanen fills Cono Garland with body shots
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Tanev drops Garland during spirited scrap

Published February 23, 2024 at 9:42

Whether you love or hate old-time hockey and specifically fighting, you have to admit what occurred last night during the Kraken/Canucks game was one for the ages, and the level at which it happened you rarely see anymore.

Early in the second period, with Seattle leading 2-1, the two decided to drop the gloves, assumingly to try to spark their respective teams. Conor Garland held his own, landing a shot after falling. However, Brandon Tanev began to feed Garland with uppercuts, ultimately dropping him to the ice.

While fans don't see this happen very often anymore and there will continue to be a debate about whether fighting belongs in hockey, an argument can be made that it is a necessary part of the game and is required for several reasons, including allowing players to police the game, and as mentioned previously, it can aid in adding an extra spark to a team that comes out a little flat or is trying to set the tone.

As Tanev came out on top during the spirited tilt, Seattle ended up on top at the final horn, beating Vancouver 5-2
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Tanev drops Garland during spirited scrap

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