Brayden Schenn and Adam Lowry duke it out
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Two NHL Captains Square Off for a Great Tilt

Published February 28, 2024 at 12:26

If you enjoy hockey fights, this is a good one. In a game between the Winnipeg Jets and St. Louis Blues last night, the captain of each team decided to drop the gloves at centre ice, with both throwing big punches.

Not even halfway through the first period of the game, the action is going down the ice towards the Winnipeg Jets end when the camera goes back to centre ice. Brayden Schenn and Adam Lowry had already dropped the gloves and started swinging. The fight would eventually end when Schenn lost his footing and went down. Lowry definitely had the size advantage, standing sox-foot-five, 210 lbs., while Schenn is six-foot-one, 200 lbs.

Both players were given the standard five for fighting. The Jets went on to win the game 4-2, building on their excellent season so far.

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Two NHL Captains Square Off for a Great Tilt

Who won this fight?

Lowry3532.1 %
Schenn3128.4 %
Draw2522.9 %
Not sure1816.5 %
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