Promising Edmonton Oilers defenders career officially cut short due to debilitating injuries

Published July 23, 2023 at 12:11

Hockey is a physical game, that ultimately takes a very physical toll on a player's body. The price of playing the game you love can leave a player in daily physical pain. For some there comes a time when you are forced to weigh the cost of continuing to play against your long-term physical health.

Unfortunately, not every player gets to make the decision for themselves. For some their body makes the decision for them and ultimately ends their career long before it should. That's what happened to the Edmonton Oilers' Oskar Klefbom.

Klefbom played his last game on August 7th, 2020 in the NHL's bubble playoffs. After the playoffs Klefbom underwent surgery on an arthritic shoulder, in attempts to alleviate pain and allow him to continue his career. Unfortunately the surgery was unsuccessful and Klefbom underwent a second surgery in March or 2021. While hopeful he could return, nothing was guaranteed.

On July 1st Klefbom's contract with the Oilers officially expired leaving him as a free agent. Now Edmonton Oilers broadcaster Bob Stauffer has officially confirmed that Klefbom's career has been cut short due to injury.

Oscar Klefbom turns 30 today.
Led the @EdmontonOilers in TOI the last 4 seasons he played 60+ games.
Minute-muncher who could play in every situation.
Well-liked teammate.
Very good pick in 2011 (19th overall).
Unfortunate career got cut short due to injury

The Oilers had very high hopes for the former 1st round pick, but it's clear at this point it's about health over hockey.
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Promising Edmonton Oilers defenders career officially cut short due to debilitating injuries

If Oscar Klefbom stayed healthy would the Oilers have won a Cup?

Yes, they would have3629.5 %
No, probably not6553.3 %
It's too close to tell2117.2 %
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