15-year-old exceptional status player victim of brutal knee-on-knee

Published February 6, 2023 at 11:09 PM

The Saginaw Spirit drafted Michael Misa in the 2022 OHL draft as an exceptional status player. Misa joins the company of Aaron Ekblad, Sidney Crosby, Conor McDavid, John Tavares, and Shane Wright as players granted exceptional status in the OHL.

Misa's run with the Saginaw Spirit has been nothing short of electric, as his first 10 games in the OHL saw him rack up 14 points, outpacing McDavid and Wright at the beginning of his career.

The London Knights Max McCue took the 15-year-old skillful forward out of commission with a knee in last week's game, a completely unacceptable action. McCue has originally assessed a 5-minute penalty, downgraded to 2 after OHL referees reviewed the tape.

The message the OHL is sending by letting McCue go without major punishment for intentionally injuring a young star in the making is nothing less than benign negligence. Honestly, the dinosaur mentality is still prevalent in minor leagues as it's still being contested even at the NHL level regarding penalties, so I assume they're just getting him prepared for 2 to 3 concussions a year like Sidney Crosby has had to suffer through in order to still play.

«Misa is a pretty darty player and he was trying to get out of the way,» London assistant coach Dylan Hunter said, «but once you're in the tracks, it's hard to stop. It wasn't intentional by any means.»

London Knights Coach Dylan Hunt's comment on the matter is the exact mentality that needs to be drilled out of the game, by regulation or decree. Hunt says it wasn't intentional, but look at the video and decide for yourself.
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15-year-old exceptional status player victim of brutal knee-on-knee

Should Max McCue be penalized further?

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