AHLer Suspended for 'Obscene Gesture'

Published February 1, 2023 at 10:03

Dominik Shine was recently re-signed to a 2-year contract in the AHL with the Grand Rapids Griffins, Shine has played 6 seasons with the club.

It's obvious that the winger isn't signed for his offensive output, as until 2021-2022 he never put up more than 14 points. His PIMS are accumulating lovely, however.

The AHL veteran was suspended for giving the camera a middle finger after a confrontation on ice. The Grand Rapids Griffins winger also wears an "A" so it's likely the AHL is making an example.

Shine took something to the face and struggled to get back to the bench, while play never stopped. So it sounds like Shine wasn't having any of the referees and camera crew, which who can blame him for a non-call? But in the long run, if he was getting suspended, as a player who's not a stranger to a good fight, Shine should have made that player answer the bell.

Shine will miss 2 games in Milwaukee and Texas serving the suspension as a result of his actions and I'm sure he thinks it's worth it.
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AHLer Suspended for 'Obscene Gesture'

Should flipping the bird result in a suspension?

Yes, it's inappropriate2724.5 %
No, don't be a snowflake8375.5 %
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