Brad Marchand roasts two fans on Twitter after they try and chirp him

Published February 1, 2023 at 8:50

Brad Marchand doesn't log onto Twitter often, but when he does he usually chooses violence as his approach. The NHL's favorite rat has a reputation on the ice, but he often tries to carry that reputation off of it as well. Marchand has developed a style that has upset opponents, but endeared him to fans who love the way he plays the games.

Yesterday was an off day for the Bruins, but that didn't mean it was an off day for Marchand. Marchand took to Twitter to roast a few fans who tried to chirp him on the app. For some fans, chirping Marchand has become an activity to try and get a response, but that's likely not what these fans were expecting, especially the friendly fire that caught a fan's wife in the crosshairs.

Take a look at the fans who got what they deserved from Marchand.

Along the way Marchand also figured he'd toss himself a compliment as the NHL's coolest player, when responding to Jackie Redmond.

Marchand is clearly living his best life and having a ton of fun in the process. Just remember as a fan, if you pick a fight with Marchand, you're going to lose.
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Brad Marchand roasts two fans on Twitter after they try and chirp him

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