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Boston Bruins Head Coach loses his mind on the referee until he sees the replay

Published January 12, 2024 at 8:40
Being an NHL Head Coach isn't an easy job by any stretch. Not only do you have to coach your players, develop strategies, but you also need to navigate the relationships with the on ice referees. Navigating that relationship also means standing up for your players whenever possible.

Last night when the Boston Bruins faced off against the Vegas Golden Knights, coach Jim Montgomery tried to give the referees a piece of his mind. Unfortunately Montgomery didn't have the best vantage point, but still tried to stick up for his players.

After Charlie McAvoy was called for delay of game, Montgomery decided to give the referee a piece of his mind. That was until he actually saw the replay and realized that McAvoy was in fact guilty of putting the puck out of play. Montgomery had initially believed the puck had struck the stick of a Golden Knights player, which it clearly didn't.

This video catches the exact moment the Montgomery realizes he is wrong.

This is just another hilarious moment that happens in every game, but it's nice to see this one caught on camera.
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Boston Bruins Head Coach loses his mind on the referee until he sees the replay

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