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Chicago Blackhawks ask Court to Throw Out Latest Lawsuit Against the Team

Published January 11, 2024 at 9:09 PM

It's been a tough few years for the Chicago Blackhawks on and off the ice. To thoroughly recap it would take up quite a bit of time. The latest off-ice legal issue for the team has the Blackhawks asking a court judge to throw it out before it can even be argued.

According to TSN's Rick Westhead, a lawsuit was filed against the Blackhawks in November of this year, nearly two years after it settled a lawsuit filed by Kyle Beach. The allegations in the latest one date back to the 2009-2010 and involve a "black ace" known as "John Doe." The black ace term refers to a prospect who can play for the team if needed. The suit alleges John Doe was assaulted by then video coach Brad Aldrich, much like the one from Beach. In this case, the Blackhawks say the lawsuit was filed far too late to have merit in court.

"Plaintiff knew that he was injured by Aldrich by no later than June 2010,' the Blackhawks wrote. 'Although plaintiff may not have understood the ‘full extent' of the negligence he now alleges, his knowledge was plainly sufficient to start the clock on the statute of limitations." - Rick Westhead, TSN

John Doe alleges he told then mental skills coach Jim Gary about what had happened and was told he should "move on with his life." In their statement, the Blackhawks don't deny the claim, but contend it shouldn't matter.

"...these facts do not constitute extreme and outrageous conduct. Gary's alleged comments were no doubt insensitive and inappropriate, but they were not so severe that no reasonable man could be expected to endure them."

There is no word on when Cook County Court in Chicago is expected to make a decision on the Blackhawks' request to dismiss the lawsuit.
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Chicago Blackhawks ask Court to Throw Out Latest Lawsuit Against the Team

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