Breaking News - Former NHL official Tim Peel accused of harassing minor league referees

Published February 17, 2023 at 6:45 PM

Even in retirement, Tim Peel is causing problems in the hockey world.

The former official was prominently fired by the league in 2021 when he was caught by a hot mic saying he was unfairly looking to call penalties against the Nashville Predators. Now, he's under fire for verbally harassing a pair of minor league referees, who are minors themselves.

The accusation was outlined earlier this week by retired player and referee Paul Stewart on his Twitter feed, where he explained that Peel berated two officials just 17 years old. He harassed the minor officials for their decisions on the ice, and reportedly invoked the narcissist favourite phrase «do you know who I am?»

Maybe they knew, that even before this incident, he was a disgraced, former referee.

In the Athletic's report, Sean Gentille outlines the scene where Peel actually barged into the officials' room, berating them for 20 minutes, and refusing to leave. The two 17 year old officials began recording Peel, which calmed his demeanour, and eventually caused him to leave.

Peel received the following punishment:

Peel was eventually suspended from coaching for 30 days, despite not being a coach; barred from the referees' room for two years, despite not being a referee; and placed on probation for two years, but not prohibited from watching games from the stands, according to McGlynn, Boren and Missouri Ice Hockey Officials Association board member Andrew Bethmann.

The two families have began pursuing legal action, contacting the police department to begin an investigation. Surely in the coming weeks, some form of settlement and punishment is waiting for Tim Peel.
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Breaking News - Former NHL official Tim Peel accused of harassing minor league referees

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