Charles Barkley comments on why NHL is better than NBA

Published June 13, 2023 at 12:42

With the NHL and NBA finals in full swing, along with the NHL's debut on TNT in the USA, basketball legend and commentator Charles Barkley has collaborated with the NHL recently, and shown his appreciation for the game of hockey.

In a quote yesterday, Barkley even outlined some reasons why he thought the NHL was arguably better than the NBA. Outlining some criticisms of basketball today, citing off-court drama, load management, the parity between teams, and the fact that NHL teams are obsessed with winning.

Barkley, being a massive voice among fans of the NBA, will hopefully bring new attention to hockey and draw more fans to the NHL. Along with two expansion franchises in the Stanley Cup Final, the NHL is appealing to new fans more than ever before.

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