Evander Kane replies to Ryan Hartman, claims Hartman 'acts tough'

Published April 13, 2022 at 3:20 PM

Last night's game between the Edmonton Oilers and Minnesota Wild had a playoff feel to it. With two teams hoping to make lengthy runs, this was potentially a statement game. Edmonton Oilers' Evander Kane was active all game, first laying a big hit on Wild forward, Joel Eriksson in the corner.

With the Wild leading the game 5-1, Kailer Yamamoto and Matt Zuccarello started pushing and shoving, which sparked a scrum. This led to Kane taking a shot at the Wild's best player, Kiril Kaprisov. This immediately drew the attention of Ryan Hartman, who would try to fight Kane.

Tempers flared and during the heat of the moment Ryan Hartman gave Evander the one finger salute. After the game Hartman shared:

It goes to show, we had five guys in there. They didn't have one guy in there to help him. I don't think any of their guys are going to defend him.

When asked about the scrum, Kane responded to Hartman as only Kane can:

It took all five guys and they couldn't bring me down. I definitely would have liked to get loose, put it that way. These little guys, wanna act tough, but they wait for the linesman come in there's your quote guys.

It's very unlikely we will see the Oilers face the Wild unless both teams advance to the Conference Finals, but it could be one hell of a series.

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Evander Kane replies to Ryan Hartman, claims Hartman 'acts tough'

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