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Gary Bettman makes decision that completely undermines recent suspension

Published December 31, 2023 at 12:14
The NHL under Gary Bettman has grown substantially, with team valuations reaching a new high this season. Despite all the food he's done, there has been a lot of inconsistencies as well. Today was a perfect example of those inconsistencies.

Before the NHL season began the hockey world was shocked to find out that Ottawa Senators forward Shane Pinto had been suspended for 41 games. The suspension stemmed from a violation of the NHL's gambling policy, but further details were not provided.

At the time of the suspension Pinto was not signed by the Senators and was considered a restricted free agent hold out. With no deal in place Pinto was at home in New York when this news broke. Today Pinto was spotted back in Ottawa at the Canadian Tire Centre.

The presence of Pinto caught many off guard, given his current ineligibility and lack of contract. Interim Head Coach Jacques Martin addressed the matter this morning.

Shane Pinto is allowed back into the CTC and his gear is back in his locker.
His return date is a few weeks from now.

Despite not having a contract the NHL allowed Pinto to begin his suspension due to it being an off ice non-hockey related situation. That however, contradicts the fact that Pinto is allowed back with the team 10 games early. This allows Pinto to attend meetings with the team, have access to facilities and coaches despite being suspended and without contract.

This just falls under another situation that appears to be poorly managed by Gary Bettman and the NHL.
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Gary Bettman makes decision that completely undermines recent suspension

Should Pinto be allowed back with the team before his suspension is up?

Yes, it's not a big deal9432.3 %
No, he shouldn't be allowed back until it's over12643.3 %
He shouldn't have been suspended7124.4 %
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