Incredible update on 'Steve Hanson' after his battle beating cancer

Published February 5, 2023 at 10:46

When it comes to hockey movies 'Slap Shot' is the gold standard for most hockey fans. The cult classic encapsulated a style of hockey lost on today's generation. The movie has stood up to the test of time with the iconic Hanson Brothers at the forefront.

In 2020 it was announced that Steve Carlson, who played Steve Hanson, had been diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer. The 65-year-old took on that battle the same way he's handled everything in his life, like a fighter.

Last year it was announced not only had Steve won his battle, but he was cancer free. Kicking cancers ass like everyone thought he would!

Update: Steve's doing great healing up nicely from surgery removed 17 teeth after cancer treatments destroyed his smile He's not smiling here but he is getting it back thank you for hat purchases & donations 100% go to Steve since he's been unable to get on the road since 2020

Steve continues to provide incredible inspiration and hope for those who are battling, if you'd like to support Steve you can purchase a hat at the link below.

The hat comes not only autographed by Steve, but wrapped in foil! The way it is was meant to be done! We continue to offer Steve and his family our love and support during his continued recovery.
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Incredible update on 'Steve Hanson' after his battle beating cancer

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