Insider shares how Evgeni Dadonov responded to being trade to a team on his no trade list

Published March 22, 2022 at 8:52 PM

By now almost everyone has heard about what happened to Evgeni Dadonov. When he was traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Vegas Golden Knights, apparently Ottawa never forwarded Dadonov's no trade list. Vegas claims they thought there was no condition on Dadonov's contract when they acquired him.

So they were probably even more shocked than Dadonov. But today on the Steve Dangle Podcast, Insider Chris Johnston shared how Dadonov reacted when he heard he'd been traded.

According to Johnston, Dadonov was in the Knights lockerroom when the news of the trade broke, but when he found out where he was being traded Dadonov said only one thing:

I'm not going to Anaheim, they're on my no trade list.

This situation continues to be investigated by the NHL, but it's clear by his comment that Dadonov clearly believed that his no-trade list was accurate and submitted on time.

This is a very unique situation and it will be VERY interesting to see how the league responds.
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