Ivan Provorov proving he's a locker room problem as he acts childish with the media

Published May 1, 2022 at 9:34

One thing I don't envy about being an NHL player is dealing with the media. That is definitely the least enjoyable part of the job. You get a microphone shoved in your face at your lowest of moments and any little mistake is run on loop for days on local sports channels. Over the years we've witnessed feuds between multiple players and the media, and yesterday it was Ivan Provorov's time.

The Philadelphia Flyers have had an extremely tough season. From injuries, COVID, to seeing Claude Giroux play has final game as a Flyer. But there have also been behind the scenes rumblings that Provorov has been an issue in the Flyers dressing room for the entire season. But today during his final media availability Provorov tried to give it back to the media.

No matter what I say you have your opinions on me your all experts.

Some speculate that Ivan Provorov wasn't happy that teammate Travis Sanheim was awarded the Barry Ashbee Award.

The 25 year old defenceman had 9 goals and 22 assists in 79 games this season numbers that were very disappointing for one of the top guy one the Flyers team. The Barry Ashbee Award is awarded to the teams most outstanding defenseman. The award is voted on by local news and sportscasters, which would create the dissention between Provorov and the media.

There have been reports the Flyers are interested in restructuring their entire core, which could mean the exit of Provorov in the off season.
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Ivan Provorov proving he's a locker room problem as he acts childish with the media

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