Matt Martin delivers a big hit and then drops the gloves for a heavyweight tilt h

Published December 2, 2022 at 10:17 PM

Matt Martin is one of the last of his kind remaining in the league. A fourth line grinder that understands his role in the league and makes the most out of absolutely every single second he's on the ice. Martin knows that if he's not effective in those minutes, that it likely means the end of his hockey career.

During the 2nd period Martin saw an opportunity to lay a big hit on Alexandre Carrier. The hit sent Carrier to the ice, but Michael McCarron saw an opportunity to come to the aid of his teammate. McCarron immediately dropped his gloves and challenged Martin.

Martin happily obliged and the two went back and forth in a spirited tilt. Both men received 5 minute majors for fighting. After 2 periods the Predators lead 2-0.

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