NCAA Championship game restarted an hour after Trophy Celebration

Published March 22, 2022 at 11:38

The Central Collegite Hockey Association finals went down Saturday night between Minnesota State and Bemidji State. Tied 1-1 in Ovetime it looked like Minnesota State had scored and won the CCHA Conference Championship. The trophy was awarded, celebrations completes and everyone left the ice.

And that's when controversy struck. The goal was reviewed while teams were still out on the ice and was ruled a good goal. Then different camera angles started to become available and they showed something different. It became clear that the puck went in under the net and should never have counted.

So with the new information and angles the officials reviewed the goal for a second time.

Almost an hour later the CCHA put out a statement saying that the game would need to be restarted.

Minnesota State scored just a few minutes later and was again awarded the championship trophy for the second time in one night. I guess it's not just a reffing problem in the NHL but in college hockey as well.

This is an incredible story and luckily Minnesota State won because this could have been an absolutely incredible legal battle if they hadn't.
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NCAA Championship game restarted an hour after Trophy Celebration

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