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NHL Agent absolutely rips NHL Player Safety over Nikita Zadorov hit

Published May 15, 2022 at 1:14 PM

Allan Walsh had some words about how the NHL has failed Luke Glendening after taking a dirty hit by Zadarov.

George Parros strikes again.

Not even a CBA Max for Zadarov and his dirty hit on Glendening! Glendening loses consciousness as he falls on his knees after Zadarov's shoulder contacts his head.

Walsh mentions he received a text from a retired play after seeing the incident:

«How is this possible? It's like a boxer getting KOed, he left and the doctors ask him stupid questions . And then the doctors sayhey you passed the test. Get back out there tiger.»

The NHL has had to battle insurance companies previously who refused to make settlements whole for ex-NHL players suffering from injuries from playing the NHL, while the league downplayed the impact of concussions on players.

«For approximately five years, the NHL vigorously defended the concussion litigation while keeping the insurers fully apprised,» the league wrote in its 19-page lawsuit. «Over the course of extremely complex litigation, the NHL paid substantial fees and expenses; reviewed and produced millions of pages of documents; deposed and defended depositions of dozens of fact and expert witnesses; and engaged in significant contested motion practice.»

This is another black eye, on a league whose grip on the trust of players is shoddy at best and the fact one of the more prominent agents call you out, makes me realize Gary Bettman is the owner's fall guy.
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NHL Agent absolutely rips NHL Player Safety over Nikita Zadorov hit

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