NHL announces which team is now worth the most money

November 3, 2022  (11:48)

It was 2021-2022, the 1st year the NHL experimented with advertising by adding ads to the helmet. The excuse for this was a lack of revenue and used the ability to expand the salary cap to sell the idea.

It's now 2022-2023 and with the revenue of the ad placement on the helmets, digital ads, and jersey ads the beer prices and ticket prices haven't been lowered, despite the owners cashing in.
Gary Bettman was there to sell it all to you, along with keeping the Arizona Coyotes in Arizona.
In contrast to this report, the Arizona Coyotes are the least valuable franchise in the NHL according to a report in 2021:
Forbes valued the Coyotes at $400 million. The top-ranked team – the New York Rangers – was valued at $2 billion. The Buffalo Sabres, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Florida Panthers are the three teams just ahead of the Coyotes, valued respectively at $500 million, $475 million, and $450 million.

It was speculated that the most recent 2021-2022 revenue would total around $5.1 Billion, and that has been exceeded as reported by Sportico:
The average NHL franchise is worth $1.01 billion—crossing the 10-figure mark for the first time—and up 9% from a year ago. The total value of the league's 32 clubs, including ownerships' stakes in real estate, venues, TV networks and team-related holdings, is $32.4 billion. The Toronto Maple Leafs rank first at $2.12 billion, $110 million ahead of the New York Rangers.

This year's total NHL revenue is 3-times the prior year's revenue, at $6.1 Billion, if we include concerts where the owner operates or owns the venue, adding to their bottom line, in the style of Jerry Buss in the 70s.
So, while it looks like the past two seasons, may have been painful for the players, it was never painful for ownership and they imposed an escrow tax on NHL talent for an issue they never created.
Since then, Bettman has masterfully sold NHL fans multiple ads and fans have made excuses.
It's time for owners to raise the salary cap now.
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