New Russian law could drastically impact NHL players

Published March 2, 2022 at 3:28 PM

There has been a lot of news out of Russia in the recent days. As the Russian Invasion into the Ukraine continues, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin is looking to enact a new law to help control the narrative in Russia. Today for the first time Russia acknowledged some loss of troops in the Ukraine, but this was done minimally with the intention of limiting the information that is shared. Limiting the information is the priority of the Russian Government right now.

Websites like Twitter and Facebook have both been blocked in Russia, to help the State Controlled Media share the facts that only they'd like shared. Now the Russian Parliament is looking to enact a new law that would punish anyone spreading "misinformation" about the war with a 15-year jail sentence. Don't forget, to the Russian people this has been advertised as a "peacekeeping mission" which could even mean any acknowledgement of a war could be a violation.

According to Rick Westhead of TSN NHL agents are very cautious of this and have warned their clients "to be careful" with everything they say. As this situation plays out it is believed that any returning player who shares their opinion on the topic could receive this punishment as a deterrent.

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